An evening dining with Yolke

The lovely duo ( Anna and Ella) behind Yolke, recently hosted a dinner for some inspirational and fashionable folk. I was asked, after a previous collaboration with them to capture the diners as they ate, discussed and previewed the next season’s collection. I scribbled on some name places too, and tried my hardest not to capture anyone mid forkful! The live drawing was a success and I got to meet some very charming ladies, from fashion stylists, photographers and even a fellow illustrator!

Yolke Ladies Live drawing Lissi Name place


Collaboration with James Cannon on the project Predators featuring The London Blitz

I got the chance to work with sports photographer James Cannon on a joint project. Here is what he had to say about it….’I’m always interested in the characters involved in Sport. Predators is a new series exploring those larger-than-life characters players become during peak moments of a game.

Having seen Jo’s inspiring and playful illustrations bring photos to life, we collaborated on highlighting the competitive, predatory and energetic battle between animal and man.’

And credit where credit is due – A huge thank you to all the team for your skills, energy and enthusiasm throughout the shoot.

London Blitz ‘A’ team
Studio – Nancy Sheridan
Lighting – Ken Street
Retouching – Sam @ Darkroom Digital
Make up – Haleigh Maskall

For the full set of illustrations please click the link here – blog
02 blog









Drinking with the Telegraph Weekend

My recent commission came out for the Telegraph, through my agent Jelly. The article was about finding out and celebrating the top 30 pubs in Britain. I can confirm I’ve been to at least three of them and they were all great! I was asked to make the header into a traditional pub sign and I threw in a bonus Summer sky and bunting, with a few Union Jack flags to up the British-ness. I think we all deserve a pint now….untitled

Amazon’s Instagram is blooming with Spring/Summer Fashion

Amazon have become a fashion force to be reckoned with, stocking designer dresses and luxury apparel. The American team asked me to incorporate their Spring/Summer ’16 fashion shoot of delicate pastel coloured dresses into a complimentary illustrated setting. I pushed for a Spring park with cherry blossom and set the scene with picnics, lamp posts and dog walkers. The scene was then divided into a grid formation with a new square post arriving on Instagram each day, eventually completing the set.

Jelly Kitchen animated the very last 6th frame and using the windy day to full effect blew the illustrated hat off our models head!


The scene in all its Spring fashion glory!

The scene in all its Spring fashion glory!

Heidi Klum gets intimate

I worked with Heidi Klum and Rankin on a new ad for lingerie brand, Intimates. The brief was to bring the beautiful photoshoot to life highlighting Heidi’s kooky nature and injecting fun in to the campaign which showcases the gorgeous underwear. Jelly Kitchen kindly animated all my scribbles and ink stains producing this fun spot…never try to roar louder than Heidi, as this lion found out!

Click the link to see Heidi Klum Intimates ad

Heidi Klum Intimates

All eyes on the prize, Libertine

I was overjoyed to work with my good friends at the luxury silkwear company Yolke recently. The ladies there work hard to create the most beautiful silk bed & outer-wear pieces. I illustrated/animated over their most recent collection, Libertine. This was a delicate print of eyes onto a navy and white sky background, which, thanks to help from Jim ( we made wink and twinkle.

Click the link to view the animation –

Yolke Libertine animation

Cutting Food Waste with Sainsbury’s

I was asked recently to produce this charming scene of a British town made up entirely from food waste! Broccoli for trees, carrot airplanes, and houses made of cheese and bread helped illustrate Sainsbury’s quest to cut down on food waste.  Towns have been asked to sign up in order to win the Supermarket’s donation of one million pounds to investigate techniques to help reduce food waste. This illustration had a super quick turn around as it was needed to promote the giveaway on-line and in the press a few days later. You can read more about the scheme here –

Sainsburys websiteFood town revised pr


Summer vibes on Instagram with Frappuccinos, me and some chalk!

I worked on this brilliant job for Prescription, a London based marketing agency to produce chalkboard animations for Starbucks, which could then be seen and played on instagram. It was a busy day and I worked on 6 different shorts, drawing, colouring, covering myself in chalk dust and sipping Frappuccinos as I went. The team then put the time lapse together and animated little touches, such as me blowing chalk clouds away!